Republican Convention
2016 Republican National Convention  

Location: TBA
Dates: June 2016
On February 27, 2014, the Republican National Committee announced the finalists to host the convention:

2016 Republican Presidential Candidates
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The Republican National Convention is a quadrennial affair organized by the Republican National Committee. The Convention has two principal objectives:

  1. To officially nominate the party’s candidate for president and vice president
  2. To adopt the party’s political platform

These conventions, which are attended by elected officials, delegates and activists from almost every corner of the country, also provide an opportunity for the party leadership to disseminate information on its election strategy. In addition, the convention offers an unrivaled networking platform for the participants.

At its infancy, the conventions are directly responsible for electing the party’s presidential and vice-presidential nominee. However, the introduction of the modern state-level primaries and caucuses has somewhat diluted the clout of conventions, and instead, turned them into a four-day media event – albeit one that offers a powerful post-convention ‘bounce’ for the nominees.